About Us


Every day, we make hundreds of decisions.  Most of those decisions are mundane.  For example, we may decide what to eat for breakfast, or which route to take to work or school.  Other decisions are more consequential: Who to date, whether to go to the doctor, and who to vote for in the next election.  

We research how we make decisions.  Dr. Cohen has developed a theory that predicts decisions in a large number of situations:  Psychological Value Theory (PVT).  PVT predicts dating decisions, moral judgments, health decisions, economic decisions, and more.  

We also research numbers.  Dr. Cohen is interested in how people perceive and derive meaning from numbers. Information is often presented as a number.  But numbers are symbols, and symbols are deceptive.  Their meaning appears obvious, but we misunderstand them without realizing it. This often leads to bad or biased decisions.  So, the research on numerical cognition completed here also informs our research on decision-making.  

We study how people make art.  Dr. Cohen likes art and has a fine arts degree.

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