Applied Research

We apply our understanding of decision science, numerical cognition, and social cognition to other topics from clinical assessments to art.

These are a few general topics that are also studied in our lab

Psychology of Art

Have you ever wondered why people can’t draw what they see?  In general, people are pretty bad at drawing, even though the to-be-drawn image is right in front of their eyes. We study the cognitive and perceptual processes involved in drawing.

Clinical Assessments

Mental illness can be devastating for the people who suffer from it and their loved ones.  We are putting our knowledge of decision science, cognition, and perception to use by developing new psychological assessments to help those in need.

Perceptual Biases

Many of us think that we experience the physical world as it exists.  We do not.  In many ways, our brain constructs a virtual environment that aids in our survival; but this virtual environment is not entirely accurate.  We study the virtual environment the brain builds, how it relates to the physical environment, and how the differences between the two influence our behavior.  

Is there a research topic you’re interested in but didn’t find listed?