Dale J. Cohen

PhD:  Cognitive Psychology, University of Virginia

BFA:  Painting and Glass Blowing, Alfred University


University of North Carolina Wilmington

Scientists have no direct access to truth. Therefore, we infer our level of understanding from our ability to predict future events. The most successful sciences predict future events by building precise, quantified models of the systems under study. Most sciences that successfully deploy the building and testing of quantitative models (e.g., physics, astronomy, chemistry, etc.), have a select few specialists who build their models. 

I build quantified models of the cognitive systems that produce human behavior. When building models, I ask the question, “How does perception influence choice?” This question is the common theme that links all my research, from my model of value-based choice (Psychological Value Theory) to my translational research addressing literacy and clinical disorders.

Current Lab Members

Tyler White

PhD Candidate

Research Topic: Predicting mate choice from mate value.

Mia Carman

MA Candidate

Research Topic: How the Psychological Values of multiple features are combined to predict choice.

Sophie Meyers

BA Candidate


Amanda Cromley

PhD Psychology

Research Topic: Modeling value and response bias in delayed discounting using Psychological Value Theory

Amanda is a Personnel Research Psychologist working for the Air Force Civilian Service in San Antonio, TX.  She serves as an in-house research methods expert.

Gianluca Marzola

University of Bologna in Italy, PhD Candidate

Research Topic: Numerical Cognition.

As part of his PhD requirements, Gianluca spent 6 months working on his dissertation experiments with Dr. Cohen.  

Courtney Sturtz

BA Psychology

In addition to helping conduct research in the lab, Courtney built this website!